There’s a new ideal in health and fitness,
and it’s all about personal balance.

When you join a challenge Beachbody offers you more than a path
to physical health, it provides clarity of mind and me!

Hi! My name is Ashley and I want to be your Beachbody Coach!  I am a passionate business owner. And I want to grow my business with motivated people who want to improve their health and income while also improving the lives of others. It all starts with the Challenge Pack that’s right for you!

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I provide free monthly challenge groups where we work together to transform ourselves and each other in major areas of life!
Use any of my convenient contact forms to reach out and get involved with Team Beachbody, join my Tabono Tribe or take part in any of my free challenge groups!

FREE July Challenge!

Transform your Anxieties with Ashley and Shannon. Join our 21-Day Anxiety Challenge on Facebook!

We all deal with anxiety or stress to some degree. Some of us handle it better than others. And some simply have to somehow keep it together until we find that moment of breaking.
Anxiety often threatens to take hold and consume us. BUT I have also found that it can be managed and overcome. My friend Shannon Warren and I are hosting a free private group for others like us that need to find outlets to calm anxiety and fear. This group is open to anyone. For 21 days we will find simply ways to relax and overcome the daily grind. Watch Video!

Go to “Join A Challenge” and I’ll show you how a program that starts around $140.00 a month is a worthwhile way of bringing down your food budget while increasing the quality and quantity of your actual nutrition!

What does a Challenge Pack include?

Beachbody Challenge Packs are the complete package, offering total support for achieving any individual’s health and fitness goals whether they are centered around nutrition and diet, exercise and fitness or a balanced combination of both.

The formula? Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success.

With the Challenge Pack, you will receive a fitness program, one of five delicious Shakeology flavors and a FREE 30-day membership to the Team Beachbody Club, where you receive discounts, meal plans and more. This is the greatest discount, and my number one recommendation!

But most important you get me helping you achieve your fitness goals!

So join a challenge! Our health and fitness products provide a smart, healthy, simple, proven and cost-effective way of moving ourselves gently towards balance in our physical being.

Doing so promotes:

  1. emotional well-being
  2. a self-loving way of nurturing your body
  3. a positive outlook
  4. self-esteem


Already familiar with Beachbody or a returning customer? Check out the links below to see the latest Challenge Packs and Nutrition programs and get detailed information about each.

About Ashley Sikes

I am a Diamond Beachbody Coach. I am also a Wife, Daughter, Friend, and Mother of 4 children and 3 crazy pups. My life is constantly on the go BUT that doesn’t stop me from being the best business owner and fitness coach possible. It wasn’t always that way… it took some hard lessons (not mistakes) along the way to be a strong and confident woman. Let me show you how you can be your best!

What is Tabono Tribe

Tabono Tribe: I am building the Tabono Tribe of other home-based moms and dads with a desire to become healthy, strong and confident while building their own fitness coaching business. Tabono is an African symbol for persistence, strength, and confidence. The Tabono Tribe lives those words and helps others to do the same.

You are health, strength and confidence!

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Why you should be a coach?

Why you need a Beachbody coach!

How I got Started as a Beachbody coach

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I can relate to the unique journey we all face as we give more of ourselves than we think we have. I help people discover who they really are and see their own beauty and strength. I’m a CHAIN BREAKER! I show people that no matter what holds them back, they have the POWER to BREAK FREE and BE AMAZING!

The simplest way to get started is to Join a Challenge! I’ll show you how a program that starts around $140.00 a month can not only increase the quality and quantity of your actual nutrition but can become a path towards increased income and financial freedom!!

Are you interested in finding out more about how you can make money and start your own Beachbody business? Let me know a little more about you and take my survey.

Let’s go! Jump over to my coach page and follow my convenient contact button and we’ll get started!

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Some of the benefits of being a Beachbody coach

What is the Tabono Tribe?

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