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The Good Days Make us Smile. The Tough Days Make us Unique!

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I started my Beachbody journey with Insanity Max:30, and while I LOVED it, I didn’t feel the program was the right fit for me. I am a huge competitor especially when it comes to proving something. My “proving point” was that I could change my life and get back on track. Not just for a month or so, not just until life got in the way and I could push it aside, but a real permanent change.

With Insanity I couldn’t keep up. A month into the program I was still following the modifier and I felt a feeling of failure. Why had I not gotten better….why could I not do these awesome tuck jumps like the people on my TV? I had done just what the instructor told us not to do. I gave into the negative mindset. It’s not that I couldn’t do it, but my mind told myself I couldn’t. Doing a program, any program, is a great accomplishment. It does not matter if you follow a modifier, because you are still pressing play and you are still sweating your butt off and you are still trying to be a better healthier you.

I decided that I needed to step back and regroup, I will revisit Insanity, and I will rock it to the core, but for now I needed a change of pace. My coach and several of my challenge friends had amazing success with 21 Day Fix. Every time I saw their post or progress pictures I though to myself “I really want to try this” so I did. The very first workout was AMAZING. I discovered muscles that I hadn’t felt in years. It was still hard sometimes….sweating, complaining, please make it stop hard. But I was more confident. I was complaining as I followed the instructor. Sure I had to work back up to the non sissy push-ups and I was happy for my modifier, but if there was any strength in me, I used it!

The 21-Day Fix changed my life! Let me show you how it can change yours!

For one month, we are going to work to move past our excuses. We are going to Break the Chains of doubt and fear that prevent us from reaching our goals.  We are going to prove to ourselves that we are strong enough to tackle any obstacle and that we matter enough to put ourselves first.  Because when we do, we are better able to tackle the roles of mother, daughter, wife, friend….we function at our best.  Together we are going to break free and be who we were meant to be, we will shine bright, we will take back our lives.

The meal plan was amazing too.  But then again it was the same as Insanity… because let’s face it, Autumn’s portion control containers and food groupings are out of this world!!!  I thought “in my good periods” that I ate fairly healthy… I was so wrong.  I learned what veggies are higher in nutrients… which carbs are better for you… what healthy fats ARE.  I can now go to a restaurant and actually make smart choices from the menu.  I taught myself how to make my favorite meals healthy and taste even more amazing.  And as I began to change, small changes were being infused into my kids and husband’s eating.

When you fuel your body properly and treat it with respect by keeping it active, it loves you back.  I began seeing actual changes.  Being a mother of 4 the tummy has always been a problem area, and being a mother of 4 C-sections….its even harder.  I just couldn’t seem to do anything with that “Elvis Smile”!!! BUT……low and behold changes were happening, I had more energy (due partly to the amazing shakeology that I drink EVERY DAY), my arms were toning, my bat wings lost their ability to fly, and my stomach is losing the “I look like a face” (you know the wrinkly eyebrows over the belly button and of course the smile).

After my first round I immediately turned to 21 Day Fix Extreme and loved it just as much.  A little more hard core as far as the physical ability…..but I was able to conquer it like a queen.  I will never go back to the insecure self loathing person that I was before I joined Beachbody, and I will continue to grow both mentally and physically!  I am forever grateful for what I have learned and what I can in turn pass on to those around me.

These are the keys to success.


When you Join a Challenge you’ll get an exercise program designed to fit your goals. This includes a trainer teaching you proper form, a schedule telling you what to do and when and workout sheets to help you track your progress. It’s time to train smarter!


When you Join a Challenge the real results come from the kitchen. You will get a customized meal plan to help you reach your goals. This includes recipes, shopping lists, and supplementation (if necessary) designed to help you get the best results possible!


When you Join a Challenge you’ll have full access to me and I’ll keep you motivated and accountable. For most people this is the key! I’ll be side by side to help you along your journey. I’ll pick you up on a bad day and celebrate your success with you.

When you Join a Challenge here is what I need from you.

  1. Commit to a program suited to help you meet your goals.
  2. Commit to eating heathier and support your results with supplementation or Shakeology during the length of this challenge.
  3. Commit to showing up in a facebook group every day for four weeks to check in, stay accountable, and support the other people in the challenge.
  4. Be willing to work on yourself to overcome the excuses holding you back.

When you Join a Challenge here is my commitment to you.

  • I will be here to help keep you accountable, motivated, disciplined, and entertained.
  • I will lead by example. I will show up, workout, post, and eat healthy. I won’t ask you to do anything I am not doing myself.
  • I will give you personalized 1 on 1 attention to specifically target your individual needs.
  • I will fully guarantee your results. You either get the what you want out of this program or the money you invest in yourself will be refunded.

When you Join a Challenge you will have everything you need to achieve real results, you just need to do it. I believe you have the right to a phenomenal life. I believe that you have the right to be proud of who you are set the stage for your legacy.  I believe you have the power to be amazing,  Together… we are going break the chains that have held you back and you are going to soar!  Get ready to set amazing goals and then work hard to make them happen.

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